Tablet sourced field data for scientists.

Established in 2011, Sci-Survey enables remote scientific data gathering using smart devices. Our technology is proven, intuitive and easy to use and has been used throughout Africa. Many of our clients and fieldworkers will use nothing else. We offer a number of options to our customers:

  • Designed for Science Professionals
  • Field tested in remote locations
  • Fast surveys and high quality data
  • Daily upload and performance tracking

  • Use our Experience
  • Field test questionnaires before use
  • Utilise our fieldwork insights and experience
  • Ask the right questions

  • Trust your Data
  • Structured evaluation of qualitative data
  • Intensive quantitative interrogation
  • Productised data outputs (PDF, CSV and MS Excel)

Sci-Survey – Features

All Surveys and Responses in One Place

Our app features an elegant main screen where you can see all surveys and all responses for each survey, divided into “In Progress”, “Complete” and “Uploaded” lists.


Structured for Easy Access

A survey is divided into logical sections, each on its own tab. This allows you to navigate through a survey in a non-linear way by simply tapping on the relevant link from the “Pages” menu and answering the questions on the page.


Table Questions for BIG Surveys

We understand that many science professionals work with big surveys, and we support a large number of question types. Our iPad app is unique in the market in that it allows the capturing of table questions.


GPS Points, Photos and Signatures

In order to ensure data quality and validity we support the capturing of GPS points, photos and signatures directly on the app. These are stored locally on the iPad but linked to the questionnaire.


Some comments from our users:

It is quick and easy, and it also saves a lot of time.

People give you their undivided attention. Using paper questionnaires they lose interest quickly.

The app guided me when I missed out compulsory questions.

About Us

Sci-Survey was developed by World-wize Surveys, which was founded by Tandi Reilly and Raoul de Villiers. It is now wholly owned by SES, a social consulting organisation.

Tandi Reilly has achieved black belt in surveys. Over the past six years she has worked in the areas of social impact assessments, public consultation, resettlement planning, and livelihood restoration for major mines in Africa. Much of her work relies on household surveys for baseline data collection. After managing one too many frustrating social surveys, Tandi developed an interest in automated survey technology that saves time and improves data analysis and reporting. With limited functionality in available technologies, she created Sci-Survey with Raoul de Villiers in 2014!