About Us

World-wize Surveys was founded by Tandi Reilly and Raoul de Villiers.

Tandi Reilly, Manager: Projects

Tandi Reilly has achieved black belt in surveys. Over the past six years she has worked in the areas of social impact assessments, public consultation, resettlement planning, and livelihood restoration for major mines in Africa. Much of her work relies on household surveys for baseline data collection. After managing one too many frustrating social surveys, Tandi developed an interest in automated survey technology that saves time and improves data analysis and reporting. With limited functionality in available technologies,  Raoul and Tandi saw a gap and went for it!

Raoul de Villiers, Manager: Technology

Raoul works in a wide range of fields, including economics, environmental advisory and supply chain consulting as an independent consultant. He is also deep into web/mobile technologies and responsible for managing “everything under the hood”, ensuring that all our tools work as they should. He hates bad design and bad UX (user experiences).