Managed Research

Using Sci-Survey, SES offers a simple integrated mobile solution for businesses that want to outsource survey creation, data management, reporting, and even fieldworker management. Our technology and methods are being used in the mining industry and have been field tested in Eastern Kenya, remote locations in Mali and in several parts of South Africa.

The Managed Research service usually involves three components:

Questionnaire Design and Testing

Questionnaire design is an often neglected part of the research process, with clients compiling questionnaires based on a ‘gut feel’ of what should be asked. We start from the research goals of the project and work from there towards proven a proven structure and content that will meet them in the simplest way possible. Once in the field, we ensure the questionnaires are correct by conducting a pilot study, usually a few days before the main study commences.

Field Research using our Unique App

During the field research phase data is gathered using our iPad (and soon Android) app and uploaded to our servers on a regular basis. We report daily on research progress on all on all projects.

Data Assurance

Our app ensures that data gathered is of the highest standard possible for social research projects. However, where the stakes are high and important decisions depend on the data we conduct a post gathering interrogation exercise to ensure all data, especially where open text fields were used, is accurate and free of errors.

Once this is complete we can supply data in a number of formats, from PDF sheets to fully searchable MS Access databases.

Many of our clients also require us to do the following:

  • Test questionnaires, make adjustments and training fieldworkers to use them.
  • Use our experienced sociologists to manage fieldworker performance on site.
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  • Check data and give feedback in real time as data is saved.

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