My thoughts on Sci-Survey: A new employee’s perspective

We were recently joined by a new member of the team, Zac Roberson, and this gave us the opportunity to get some new eyes on the latest version of our app. Zac is a very analytical mind, so we asked to do a thorough test of all the functionality and to give us his opinions. In addition to valuable feedback on how to improve our app, he also has this to say:

“Survey takers are welcomed by subtle colourations and easy-to-tap navigational commands/buttons, making filling out e-forms and modifications of e-forms fast and simple. Sci-Survey is stable and will reliably perform its duties repeatedly, capturing and recapturing surveys can be done on end without fail. The application integrates seamlessly with the device and maintains all device application switching, shortcuts and “flicks” functionality. Sci-Survey takes no time to load; saving surveys is quick and so is loading surveys.”

“Sci-Survey results are automatically stored and effortlessly uploaded, where they can later be retrieved for data analysis. Over traditional methods, this saves time by doing away with needless manual marking, reduces the possibility of lost questionnaires and ensures data integrity. Furthermore, Sci-Survey allows for tailor made questionnaires for whatever type of survey the client might seek to administer. Sci-Survey, compared to it’s competitors, provides vastly more functionality over free versions of survey software, and is currently the only survey application that caters to the African market.”

Nothing gives us more confidence in the direction we are heading with the app than honest feedback. Zac has been brutally honest, but also overwhelmingly positive on where we are going. We will now take the app into the field from a proper test in the next few weeks, after which it should be client ready!

Watch this space for more news soon!