SurveyGizmo features World-wize Surveys on their main page

SurveyGizmo, who supplies us with a portion on our back-end infrastructure, has featured co-founder Tandi Reilly on their home page. World-wize Surveys is possibly one of the more innovative ways in which their service is being used and this is the second time the company has featured us. Although we occasionally use the front-end SurveyGizmo site the majority of our interactions with the site is through their back-end API. In fact, one of the main reasons we selected SurveyGizmo for some of our back-end functionality was the ability to integrate deeply with their back-end servers, both from our mobile app as well as from our own data portal.

The lesson for us in this is that a well structured API is absolutely essential for a modern software application service whatever it may be. We are still astounded that very few research related web applications give you direct access with an API, which potentially excludes them as an option for customers such as us.