World-wize Surveys bets on HTML5 for the next app version

Since the beginning of this year we have been thinking about how we can expand the reach of our app beyond the iOS operating system. Some of our clients are requesting a version built on an open-source technology as this is sometimes a project requirement. Also, platforms like Android have advantages to iOS devices in certain areas, most notably in that the user has access to the file system, and that apps do not have to be published on a centralised store like iTunes.

In the end we decided that a cross-platform version using HTML5 and PhoneGap was the only way for us to sustainably deliver a cross-platform version that would meet our needs, and still be something we can be truly proud of. We are happy to announce that development is speeding along and that an alpha version is already in testing. We hope to launch a beta version to our existing clients by min-2013.

Watch this space for more news.