World-wize Surveys conducts it’s largest survey ever

During April and May 2013 World-wize Surveys conducted a survey of over 1300 responses in Uganda, it’s largest survey to date. This was done in a mere 28 days using 6 fieldworkers, clearly showcasing the benefits of tablet-based social data gathering. We provided input throughout the gathering process as we developed what turned out to be a very large data set, something which would not have been possible if we did not have data visibility on a daily basis.

When our client thought back on the logistical issues that would have been involved in a research project of this size just a few years ago we she once again reiterated: “I will never go back to paper-based data gathering ever again.” Sure, there are many tools for capturing information remotely, but we believe Sci-Survey is simply the best tool where your research project involves any combinations of 1) a large questionnaire, 2) a large sample and 3) multimedia data capturing.

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